Hi there, I have been drawing for my bread and butter for 17 years. Originally from New Zealand-Aotearoa, I actually began my career as an illustrator while in London. I started in a BrickLane stall selling kiwi clothing, and added some of my cut-out paper art , which sold like hot cakes, and happily much lighter on the bus each Sunday morning!  I had also been working in vintage clothing shops and was surrounded by the East London art and culture scene, so it all took off from there.

Over that decade I exhibited in London, Japan, and Taiwan. I worked for Hana Publishing in New Zealand producing school resources (journals, books, cd covers, stickers, posters and web animations).

Now in Croatia, I work for clients mostly based in New Zealand (mainly Hana publishing, Lift Education and Bolster Design). Over the last three years I have produced art for four full colour books of Maori legends, school journal multi page illustrations and web based animations for the Ministry of Education.

I work with mixed media such as clay, paper, dolls, photography and digital art. My painting and portraiture in ink and paint is a strength and I like to incorporate elements from a variety of styles if it warrants it. 

I usually read the story and from the feel of it instantly visualise the style that will bring it alive. I like to produce a style sheet for my clients to choose ideas from. 

I love working on projects with others such as animators, graphic designers, writers and art commissioners. I recently finished a twenty scene Maori story of animatics with a writer and animator. I have started to animate my dioramas, but just enough to keep them on the side of illustration (ie leaving space for the viewer to use their imagination).



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