How I got into illustration

Hi there, I have been drawing for my bread and butter for 17 years. Originally from New Zealand-Aotearoa, I actually began my career as an illustrator while in London. I started in a BrickLane stall selling kiwi clothing, and added some of my cut-out paper art , which sold like hot cakes, and happily much lighter on the bus each Sunday morning!  I had also been working in vintage clothing shops and was surrounded by the East London art and culture scene, so it all took off from there.



Mixed Media

I make dioramas from paper cut-out, clay and other mixed media. It is like a miniature theatre set that I photograph. I also work digitally. I produce a style sheet for my cleints that I feel best suits their project. Together we decide on the best style for their needs.


I have 17 years experince with producing art for educational resources. My main clients are Hana ltd, LIFT Education and Bolster design. Most of my commissions are for the Ministry of Education NZ-Aotearoa. I have produced work for twenty full colour books, and work in over thirty school journals, including covers, posters, CD art, stickers and certificates.