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The Full Story


I started my illustration career in London. My first style was paper cut-out and Diorama. I have produced work for clients who produce books and journals for New Zealand-Aotearoa Ministry of Education. I have exhibited in London, Taiwan,Japan, New Zealand and Croatia.


Maori Story Telling

It is about the land, and the people's relationship to it. I have illustrated legends in over thirty books for Hana publishing.  I have also produced class resources: certificates, flash cards, posters, booklets & stickers


I  produce work for LIFT Education. The SCHOOL JOURNAL series for the Main Curriculum and the social science CONNECTED series. I have researched the New Zealand Land Wars, Victorian, Edwardian and Maori clothing, European and Maori buildings, weaponry ,uniforms, guns and geographical locations, which I love doing. 



London-Solo show, Vyner Street. Artbelow Shows: Baker Street, Notting Hill, Tokyo Shibuya. Croatia- Marko Marulic house. NZ and Taiwan

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